During the years when we were engaged in the Bricco San Pietro farmstead project in Monforte d’Alba, we had resolved not to add any more projects to the already challenging ones under way.

But Mr. Tosco, heir to the family land-former owners of Marsaglia Castle-with no children and concerned about the fate of the land that had been uncultivated for many years in the Toninetti locality, made the decision to visit us. It was the end of 2014.

He brought us all the documentation and history of his land, once planted with vineyards and the pride of the family. Even the “diploma of merit,” awarded to his father in September 1938 for the quality of his dolcetto grapes, proving the area’s high suitability for viticulture. He wished that someone would take care of it, bringing the vineyard back to the land so beloved by his father. 10 hectares in total, of which about 3 were forest and the rest recoverable for planting vineyards. Despite our initial resistance, he convinced us to make an inspection. Again it was love at first sight.

Vigne alte di Marsaglia _ Anna Maria Abbona

The land lies on the two sides of a hill set at 630 meters above sea level, with southern/southeastern exposure on one side, facing the village of Rocca Cigliè, and eastern/northeastern/northern on the other, with views of Marsaglia and Murazzano. At the top of the hill, the view sweeps over the Maritime Alps, which seem just a stone’s throw away, with the ski slopes of Artesina and Prato Nevoso. All in one piece. The cool breeze from the nearby mountains, wild junipers, ancient oaks and maritime pines as a backdrop. How not to be won over?

Since 2017 at Toninetti di Marsaglia, the vineyard has reappeared.

The cooler side has been dedicated to Pinot Noir and Chardonay with a spectacular amphitheater-shaped vineyard; the sunnier side has seen the planting of Pinot Noir and Nascetta. The work is not yet completed, but Mr. Tosco is happy with us.

Map of vineyards

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