High Vineyards

We have always been accustomed to all-day sun, cooler nights, sea breezes that calm the summer heat, mild winters and snow.

In our company’s journey we have always favored the elevated hills, which provide us with breathtaking views and glimpses of distant horizons that make us love our land even more and help us cope with the hard work of the vineyards.
Vineyard management has been sustainable for more than 20 years: who more than us, that have been on these lands for 5 generations, has an interest in them remaining productive for our children?

Our family for 5 generations has lived on the hill of Moncucco in the municipality of Farigliano. In all likelihood my great-great-grandfather moved from the hills of Dogliani in favor of a more distant but cooler hill.
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It was 2009 when we found the farmhouse in Monforte d'Alba. It was a farm positioned on the top of Bricco San Pietro, with land facing east and southeast, directly in front of the village of Monforte, almost 500 meters above sea level.
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When we went to see the plot of land for sale in Marsaglia we were struck by the exposure and the view: we were over 600 meters above sea level, overlooking the Alta Langa and the Alps.
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