It was 2009 when we found the farm in Monforte d’Alba. It was a farm positioned on top of Bricco San Pietro, with land facing east and southeast, directly in front of the village of Monforte, almost 500 meters above sea level.

Situated in the Barolo production area for a few hundred meters, bordering the more forested and mixed-crop Langa, a spectacular view of the Alta Langa on one side and the Barolo Langa on the other, with that constant breeze we were used to in Moncucco. We immediately fell in love with that house, feeling an immediate affinity with our production philosophy and outlook on life, where the view of distant horizons is a key component.

Cantina Anna Maria Abbona - Viticoltori nelle vigne alte delle Langhe

The first 8 years were engaged in planting and raising the approximately 2 hectares of vineyards around the house. Since 2017, the long renovation works of the farmhouse began, trying to preserve the peculiar characteristics of the structure, which was once used as a winery, stable and farmers’ house.

Today the farm is almost ready to be opened again, with the function of winery and ageing cellar for our Barolo, but also a place for tastings and hospitality with 4 bedrooms created from the homes of the old farmers who for about a hundred years lived there.

Map of vineyards

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