13 April 2022

Why didn’t we go to Vinitaly?

Why didn’t we go to Vinitaly?

In these two pandemic years we have all reflected on many issues that affect our work, but also the quality of our lives.

The directions we want to take for the future, what we plan to do when we grow up. From these reflections our family drew a fairly clear picture.

We are and will remain a family business. Probably our production will not have significant increases: with Alta Langa (the first bottles will arrive in about a year) there will be a stabilization of production, divided into 15 different types. Our future goal is more and more care in production, attention to biodiversity and the wholesomeness of our wines. At the same time we are thinking about a more exclusive relationship with our customers, more care for their needs and more communication.

These two years have taught us to use new tools like Zoom or Google Meet so that we can feel close and look at each other’s faces even from great distances. For two years we did not attend the big industry trade shows, and we must say that we did not miss them. On the contrary, we realized that those chaotic crowds, the stress of pressing appointments, the hot lights on the stands, and wines in less than ideal conditions did not correspond to what we instead pursue for the rest of the year: balance, reflection, and the right timing for production.

For these reasons we have made the decision that we will no longer participate in Vinitaly… Rather small targeted tastings like Grandi Langhe or those organized directly by you. If you had the chance to visit us we would like to meet you in a more relaxed situation, in our winery as our guests so that you can get to know us better. If there is no opportunity we will send you home the wines you would like to taste in total tranquility.

Our website has been revamped to give more support and completeness to our ideas, and we hope we will be able to work with you with closer collaboration and greater sharing that will help us optimize the great work behind a good bottle of wine.