03 February 2023

The Wine Game: are you ready to play with us?

The Wine Game: are you ready to play with us?

The Wine Game was born as a game idea, a nice excuse to sit around a table and have a laugh with friends and family.

o please every palate, we have come up with 3 versions:

  • Silver: 3 white wines
  • Gold: 3 medium-structure red wines
  • Double Gold: 3 full-bodied red wines

Armed with pen, goblet and a lot of imagination… Let’s get started!

How it works?

Break the seal and take out the material we have provided you with:

The three numbered and covered bottles… Don’t discover them!!!
The game rules (don’t worry… they’re not too complicated!)
A game card for each player to fill in with the tasting notes

In case you need it, a few little hints for you… (so you don’t have to copy from your neighbour)
And then the results to compare with your game cards, of course.

Whoever comes closest to the result will be the winner of a voucher for two wine tastings at our winery! We are waiting for you!