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Vineyards & land

After spending many years on these hills, the work was demanding, there were many varieties in the wine production, the market was complex and I didn’t feel confident.
One thing was certain, we had passion and enthusiasm for our land, our hills are ideal for producing high quality wines.
I think we could have the best wines also using the so called “international vine plant” , however we continued to use our traditional classic vine plant in our stubborn manner.

Vines & wines

For us it wasn’t difficult to keep the tradition of the family, despite adding new techniques and modern cellars our wines remain always traditional.
During these years we tried to find the right balance between structure and elegance, body and taste.
Production on a hill (500-550 mt. high) makes our work easier and more profitable. The white earth and the good position  gives our wines body and long life, while the altitude assures intense fragrance and freshness.