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Anna Maria Abbona

Owner of the company since  1995 involved in selling, marketing, receiving clients, but always following the production in the cellar with Franco.

Franco Schellino

Pillar of production, he works mainly in the vineyards, wine-making and bottling the wine.

Federico Schellino

He joined the company in 2011 and works above all in selling, relations with foregn clients; he completed his training with work experience in wine companies in different parts of the world.

Paola Navello

In the company since January 2016, she collaborates with the management of the office and reception in the winery, especially in English.

Frroku Tome

He began with us in 2007 involved in vineyard work.

Alessia Perona

She joined us in 2018, graduated in Enology, she backs up with the reception in the winery and the management of the office.

Giuseppe Abbona

Despite his great age, he is always very active, doing light work in the vineyards and assuring the production of fruit and vegetables for the whole family.

Clara Botto

She works with Beppe in the vegetable garden, makes jams, preserves, bakes the bread and cooks good food for the family.

Lorenzo Schellino

After his culinary experience in Germany lasted 3 years, towards the end of 2016 Lorenzo returned to the winery. He takes care of the cellar along with Franco and helps with the reception in German language.