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Our history


Our philosophy

I must thank my husband Franco Schellino who in 1989 decided to leave his graphic work and came back home.
We revived the old vines planted by my grandfather.
We learnt to prune and tie the vines working together, my grandfather, my parents and my husband.
Franco has a special sensibility about plants and animals which is rare, he has the capacity to worm secrets to improve the well being of the plants.
My husband is a quiet man, but with patience and attention it’s easy to observe the love and respect he has for the land.
It has been a privilege for me working together all these years.

The philosopher Giovanni Botero in 1607 described the people in Mondovì area:

“Short of words, haughty of mind, hard working, of high nobleness”


In these words I recognize my fellow country men and especially my husband.


Our history

My great-grandfather Giuseppe cultivated the vineyards as a sharecropper: his dream was to own the land but he died too soon to achieve this, so my grandfather Angelo had to take the elm.
In 1930 a blight occurred in Piedmont and the country men had to learn to graft the plants. In 1936 my grandfather Angelo started planting a vineyard called Maioli and that was the beginning of our business. What was a small property expanded to become the base of a grand family of wine production.

My farther Giuseppe followed: it was the time of great industrialization but he didn’t move to the city like most people he knew.They chose to work in a factory but he stayed with his vineyards, looking after his farther’s as well and buying more land for new vineyards.
Unfortunately in the years following the wine was of poor quality so my parents gave up wine making, selling the grapes to the nearest wine cooperative.

The change in the company took place in 1989 when my farther announced his intention to up root some vines.
At that time my husband and I had different work although we both came from wine producing families.
After a short period we decided to return to our roots with the object of producing only quality wine.

We planted vines, built cellars and marketed the wine….. but the most important event was the ARRIVAL of our sons: Federico born in 1990 and our second son Lorenzo born in 1994. Federico works with us involved in selling and dearly loves his land. Lorenzo is very fond of the local gastronomy and at the moment is completing his training in world cookery.