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To choose a holiday in the area of Dogliani is a celebration of time, manners, flavours, feelings of other times. Plan enough time to enjoy the changing scenery at each bend, alternating vineyards with woods, hills rolling to the river Tanaro, the magic background of the Alps. Villages on the top of the hills crowned by towers and medieval castles.

Unlike other parts of the country, the Langa was protected from the past in the sixties to the eighties: the character of the people remained diffident and reserved, plain food, but prepared with great fantasy.
We can find in these hills, festivals and fairs throughout the year, celebrating different agriculture products and food: chick-peas soup, medlars the famous meat fair of the “Fat Ox” in Carrù and also the celebrated sheep cheese called “tume”.

Every season is beautiful for visiting the Langhe: in autumn you can enjoy flaming red and warm yellow on the vineyards or a white silent cover of snow in winter.
Hot food and good restaurants offer very interesting, traditional recipes.

Wine testing in the cellar

The Wine tasting and the visit to the cellars are possible from Monday to Saturday, from 8,30 to 12,30 and from 14,30 to 18,00
Visits on Sunday are possible from October to December

Tasting of 3 wines, Barolo not included, costs €5,00

Tasting of 5 wines, Barolo included, costs €10,00

Tasting of 10 wines, Barolo included, costs €15,00

Selection of salame, cheese and bread, costs €5,00


The visit and the tasting last about 2 hours.

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